Thursday, 10 July 2008

[Others.021] Try these beautiful Rain Chains

Thanks to this post from MARTIN & AAM's blog, this is the first time I ever seen this beautiful "Rain Chains".

It works the same way like the downpipes that connects to your gutters. But it's definitely looks much better than the colourbond or ugly PVC ones.

This one is from

The rest are from Yes, there's an extra "s" at the end, and it's a completely different company...

Found this site selling a 2.7M chain for AU$475, not cheap and it doesn't look as good as the ones I mentioned above.

Lots of people spend lots of money for water features, may be Rain Chains are a easier/simpler/cheaper alternative??!!

Any way, one extra thing for you to consider if you want your house to look special when compared to others in your neighbourhood!


fred said...

Very cool - I've never even heard of that before. So the idea is the gutter on the roof empties into them? What kind of water flow can they handle?

Allan said...

Hi Fred,
I am not an expert on this, but from what I can see from their web sites, looks like this is designed to replace the ugly downpipes that connects to the gutter. Which is exactly as you mentioned: the gutter on the roof emptied into them.
About your question, unfortunately I got no idea about the water flow and you might have to email/chat with the 2 web sites and they should be able to help you.