Thursday, 21 August 2008

[Others.022] Check if your bathroom heater/fan is in the recall list

There's this news from "Product Recalls Australia" web site the other day which talks about the recall of "Mistral, Vogue Design and Plugz Bathroom Heater Exhaust Fan and Light Combinations". The defect is "there is a risk of the lamp holders overheating and creating a risk of fire."

I quickly checked our bathroom heater fans and as shown below, by removing one of the lamps, I can see the small label showing the model number details. Luckily both of mine are not in the list. Make sure you have a look at yours!

Nowadays most of the products are made in plastic to cut cost, remember the previous post I mentioned about problem with the clothesline? If they are still made in proper metal/steel or other stronger materials like the good old days, there wouldn't be so many overheat lamp holders or cracked components incidents...

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