Saturday, 9 August 2008

[Progress.136] Landscaping Update - 7

Our landscaper was here to finish the last few pieces of work the other day. He brought these fence and steel frames for the 2 side gates.

This is the steel frames on his truck.

He hammered the steel post into the soil. As I have to rush to work, I don't have further details about the installation process. You might notice we used different patterns for the pavings: the ones at the front has a different coloured border and in diamond pattern, while the ones at the back are in different pattern. We used the gates as a border between the 2 patterns.

When I arrived home after work, it's all completed. This one is at the right hand side.

He also added the last capping on top of the brick wall at the front.

This is the right hand side brick wall. At the back you can see the other gate as well.

City2Surf is tomorrow! Wish me good luck!

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