Tuesday, 28 October 2008

[Progress.140]Too much rain water for the tank?

We have a quite heavy shower the other day and I was surprised to see lots of water running down the paved area next to the garage. I then noticed the water actually came from the water tank. And as shown below there's so much water that it over flows from the opening on the top!

I was actually not very convinced that this is what supposed to happen. As shown in photo below, the pipe marked with red arrows are supposed to be handling the overflowing water! Does this mean it's blocked, or the volume of incoming water is a lot more than the volume it can handle?

If you look this photo which shows the water coming from the gutter/down pipes above, I am not an expert, but this doesn't look like a lot of water to me.

Any way, I captured a short video as below, hopefully makes the whole thing more clearer to understand for everyone.

Any experts on this, any one? Do you think the pipe was blocked, or not designed/installed properly? Any other suggestions or opinions also welcomed!!


Gene said...

You are correct -- that's not what's supposed to be happening. If the overflow is working correctly, this shouldn't happen. The overflow pipe is the same size as the inlet pipe.

Is the black filter thingy on the top of the tank blocked? Is the tank actually full? If it is full and water is overflowing the top, then the overflow pipe is blocked. It appears to be installed correctly (i.e., even with the top), so the water should never get above that level.

Allan said...

Thanks for your comment.

We received email from builder as below:

"This is due to the filter bag with in the tank being built up with silt and other debris. It requires frequent cleaning. I have recommended to some clients to remove filter altogether because of this problem. However this is entirely your decision.

Alternatively, you can contact Bluescope Steel regarding other remedies. You will find the number on the tank."

Will try to have a look during the weekend...

Anonymous said...

how do you clean the filter bag? is watertank a pain to maintain?

Allan said...

Hi, have a look at this post which part of it covers about cleaning the filter bag. It's not that difficult actually.