Saturday, 29 November 2008

[Progress.143] No more over flow with filter bag removed

As suggested by the maintenance guy from our builder, I removed the filter bag from the water tank the other day. We have lots of rains in the past few days, and so far I haven't seen the over flowing problem happening. So looks like he is correct about if the filter bag wasn't cleaned, it could cause the over flow.

I guess technically the over flow wasn't such a major issue, so I decided to put the filter bag in. If it ever over flow again, I will just clean the filter bag, not a big deal.

The main issue now, is the "pump getting water from the mains instead of the water tank" problem. The maintenance guy will get the supplier to have a look but he doesn't think this is a problem... Will wait and see how it goes...

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Gene said...

One problem down, a new one to go.