Thursday, 5 February 2009

[Others.032] B&D Park-A-Lert

We received a brochure in our letter box today about a product from "B & D" called "Park-A-Lert. Which is a nice little parking sensor to be installed in the garage and display different light colour depending on how far away the car is.

Have a quick look at their web site and as shown below, there's quite a lot of information about it. It runs on 4 x AA batteries, and you can choose 3 different distances: 30 cm, 60 cm or 90 cm. Sounds quite interesting.

At $43 each it's not cheap, and would be even better if it can also make some noises other than just lights. I remember seeing in some electronic shops about some DIY kits that can do something similar. But as I haven't touch those things for so many years and unless it can at least look as good as this thing, I guess the chance of getting it installed won't be that high...

What we love best is what they mentioned in their brochure: "no more hanging tennis balls from the ceiling...", which is exactly what we have in the garage. Because "you-know-who" has extremely terrible parking skills. Not many people believe that, actually our double garage can only park one car, and need this ugly thing from the ceiling as "distance indicator". I did demonstrate to the family a few times that it's capable of handling 2 cars in the garage. Problem is, once both cars are in there, only I can moved both cars out smoothly.... Alright, I give up, I will certainly try to build a much wider garage in my "next" house.

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