Monday, 23 February 2009

[Progress.151] Big hail storm last Saturday, leaf guard installed

Saturday (21/2) around 11:30 am, we went to one of the Chinese restaurants in Eastwood (a suburb next to Epping) for lunch. It was pouring quite heavily, and half way through our meal all the lights in the the restaurant went off. Luckily the emergency light turned on immediately and we were still able to quickly finish the lunch. Without the air con it was extremely hot.

When we walked out the restaurant, we found that all the shops on the street lost power. It certainly caused some impact to all the businesses that day! Then the hail storm started, it didn't last a long time but it's quite amazing watching all the little ice blocks falling with the rain.

We quickly rush home after the storm and found half of our sun room flooded with water. Didn't have time to take any photo as we were busy cleaning up.

The water slowly disappeared after about 10 - 15 min. This is what our sun room looks like after the clean up, flooring tiles still quite wet.

We have 3 drain holes at the back, I quickly check all of them but couldn't find any sign of blockage. I think it's probably because there's just too much water to be handled.

Also found that there's so much water that it formed a small valley in the garden at the front as below.

Talking about the front garden, I took a photo from different angle as below. And yes, you can see the new house by Eden Brae right across the road.

Compare to the following one last July, these plants have certainly grown pretty well! Urh... Please ignore the ugly fence, which neighbour refused to share the cost for replacement... Our plants have done an excellent job in blocking the view...

We just finished the installation of leaf guard over all the gutters, which should have also helped with the water drainage. A few photos below, it wasn't very clear though.

Tell me how you feel about the quality of the work, and like to see if you can pick up any problem from these 2 photos. We are still waiting for ABC Seamless to fix a few things, which I will try to cover the details in future post.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask why you did not install continous hot water system like Rheem Integrity?

Allan said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment. To be honest, at that stage we were not very sure if we fully understand how those systems work.

Plus as there's so many upgradable options to made decision on, under limited budget and time constraint, this was dropped.

We later visited a few new houses with continous hot water system, and were quite impressed with the touch panel which you can easily choose the water temperature.

Now we also understand about the huge savings we could make if we were say away for a few weeks, and the system doesn't have to maintain the temperature of the full tank of water all the time...

Well, too late to change now, may be next time!