Friday, 17 April 2009

[Progress.153] Ant problem

We have a bit of not so serious, but a bit annoying ant problem since we moved in last year.

Don't know why, but there's always some bully ants at the front of our house, near the drive way and front foot path. At the back of the house, there's occasionally another type of smaller ants running around in the alfreso. Sometimes some of them even crawl into the kitchen through the small vent holes under all the windows, and this drives my wife crazy!

I bought this ANT-RID ant baits from Coles the other day by accident, as I was actually looking for something else... It's only about $5 and limited to indoor usage only. There are a few other products on the shelves, which I plan to use as backup in case this one doesn't work.

After I open the box there's 4 baits like the one below wrapped in one sealed plastic bag. I guess if there's anything to complaint, it would be the baits were not individually sealed. This means once you opened it, you have to use all 4 or otherwise need to find a way to seal it again...

As below there's holes in all 4 corners for the ants to get inside. Inside the white plastic container there's a dark brown colored thing which should be the chemical stuff/bait that kills the ants.

I left 1 bait near the kitchen window in alfreso, 1 on the alfresco floor, 1 at the front of the drive way and the last one near the front foot path - yes, I know the label says it's for indoor only, but it was a sunny day, that shouldn't hurt!

That night, wife complained that the number of small ants in the alfresco seems to increase a bit and wonder if the baits really working...

Then the next day, all the ants magically disappeared! Yes, all the ants - both the bully ants at the front and the smaller ants at the back all disappeard!

I never use any ant killing product before, and was quite surprise of how effective this product is. Not sure if it's suitable for all kinds of ant problems for different part of the country, but it certainly works for me! At $5 a pack, certainly worth a try if you also got annoying ants around the house!

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Anonymous said...

I vouch these baits work, I live in Port Hedland W.A.and we have all kinds of ants and I found the baits by accident in Coles too, yes to begin with, they attract more ants, then none, best baits on the market and cheap too.