Friday, 1 May 2009

[Progress.155] 2nd update on the leaf guard problem

After arrived home, wife told me tomorrow morning's appointment has been canceled but she forgot to tell me and didn't revoke the meeting invite she sent to me, so looks like we have to wait for a bit longer...Sorry about that.

At least there's a good news. This time the subcontractor is a company called Allcoast Gutterguard. Their web site provides lots of information and certainly looks a lot more professional then the "under construction" web site from UltraMesh.

There's also a "Installation Procedure" which has this most important step for us:

"Step 6: securing around hips and gables. The final step in the installation process is securing the guttermesh around the hips and gables. high quality roof and gutter silicon is used to fasten the mesh to the ridge capping so that no leaves can get in anywhere."

And from their Photo Gallery, I can see these 2 quite impressive photos with nice finishes at the corner.

Will wait and see how it goes.

If the quality of work is as good as the photos, I will certainly let everyone know!

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