Tuesday, 9 June 2009

[Others.042] Thanks for the execellent service Freedom Furniture

We bought a set of "Lila" bedroom furniture from Freedom Furniture last year.

We noticed started from early this year, for some unknown reason the colour changed from white to irregular yellow spots in different places. We visited one of their shops a few weeks ago and surprisingly their friendly staff said they were aware of this issue and can arrange for a replacement.

After a quick phone call, a replacement was arranged, and we got all of them waiting in the garage to be picked up next day morning. Just look at the awful colours...

It was raining the next morning, a big truck arrived around 7am. 2 guys quickly checked the goods, stick a big yellow note on each of them, and replaced all of them.

After some hard work with assembling everything and rubbish clean up, we leave it overnight to get rid of the smell.

Unfortunately we found a small problem, as below one of the roller wheels for one of the drawers was broken. Since it still sort of works so there's no rush to get it fixed. And with their excellent service I believe this can be easily resolved.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention. When we bought the furniture last year it comes with 2 years warranty. The best part is, after the replacement (which is about one year later), they still give us another 2 years of warranty, not bad isn't it!


Roof Coatings said...

Furniture looks Good, Do you guys have any website?

Allan said...

Hi, You can get those details in "http://www.freedom.com.au/"