Sunday, 16 August 2009

[City2Surf.005] My 3rd City2Surf run

I finished my 3rd City2Surf run last Sunday. This year there were a lot more runners than before: 75,000+ !

This time, I wasn't as well prepared as last year, plus a 2-7am work related activity on the day before, and my time was about 108 min. Certainly a lot more room for improvement next year!

I tried to convince wife and kid to join me again, but unfortunately the race is still not as attractive as the warm and cosy bed in the cold weather, probably next year then...

There were these 2 policemen riding on the horses in the Hyde Park before the race starts, looks pretty cool when you are so high above from the others. Just wonder, do they also have to get off the horses to clean up like those who walk their dogs in the park if the horses have to "release" themselves? They would certainly need a much bigger plastic bag!

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