Saturday, 28 November 2009

[Progress.158] Daikin Air Con "E0" error

It was so hot the other day, we decided to turn on the Air Con. Surprisingly, it showed this "E0" error and the machine refused to start.

Tried a few times but still couldn't get it to work.

Wife mention she received this notice from the Air Con servicing company last month (or earlier?) saying it's time for our annual service and also mentioned something about needs service to maintain the warranty.

Wasn't happy about this and as it's after hours, got no choice but to bring out all the the old fans from the storage area to cool everyone down -- have to wait until next morning.

Next day had a nice chat with the servicing company, who said they wouldn't do such thing as programming the machine to stop functioning if any service schedule was missed. That "E0" error was simply the Air Con couldn't get enough electrical power to start up the motor. It can be easily fixed by restarting the Air Con circuit switch in the meter box with a 5 min delay between the shutdown and restart.

Sounds quite reasonable to me, as wouldn't surprise if most houses in Sydney all had their Air Con turned on that day, causing the power shortage problem.

Tried the restart when back home and it worked as expected! Another lesson learned, and we happily booked our Air Con service. Wouldn't want to have any more problem with the Air Con...

Remember someone asked me what are the other maintenance cost after the house completed? Well, I mentioned the TermGuard in previous post, Air Con maintenance would be the other one you have to pay every year to keep the warranty. Will let everyone know if I can think of anything else.

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Anonymous said...

Have been having the same error a lot lately....Sydney's got some serious power issues!!