Tuesday, 29 December 2009

[Progress.159] Water Tank Filter Replacement

Hope everyone had a happy and safe long Christmas/News Years holiday break!

Recently, we noticed after every toilet flush, the refill from water tank seems to be getting slower and slower, and the noise seems to be getting louder as well. Called the maintenance guy and was told the water tank filter needs to be replaced every 12 months or so, and it's probably time to replace our filter.

Got the supplier contact details, gave them a call, and what? Have to pay almost $70 for 2 filters? Ouch.... A few days later, here's what we received, 2 new filters wrapped in nice bubble wraps.

Removed the wrapping for one of them, the only noticeable sign on it is the word "MEXICO" on one side. Tried to search for the product on the Internet but strangely couldn't find any.... If any of you know where to get the same filter with much cheaper price, please let me know....

Next, I was supposed to open the filter with the little plastic blue handle after turned off the taps. It's a bit tricky as the handle doesn't quite fit (a bit loose)and it took me a while to work out the correct direction to open it - which is clock-wise when viewed from top.

After some hard work, finally got it opened, as below, the dirty old filter in the middle.

With the clean and old filters right next to each other for comparison, you can see how much dirts the filter filtered out after about 12 months of usage.

After the new filter inserted, put the cover back, turned on the tap, and we got the water tank system back again!

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Mark said...

Thanks. We will need to do this in about 14 months!