Wednesday, 31 March 2010

[Tips.018] 2 Bathroom Ideas

Was chatting with a friend about some bathroom ideas the other day. While most of the ideas available on the Internet emphasize on tape ware and/or bath tub, there are 2 little things I like to share with everyone.

First one is shown in photo below from one of the display homes we visited during our last US trip. Did you notice other than the main mirror in the middle, there's an extra smaller mirror on the right hand side? At first I thought it was some sort of Makeup Mirror to allow you to look at different angles (from side/behind?), then I noticed it has some hidden secret in it.

As shown below, when it opens up, there's actually a small cabinet hidden behind. I think that's a pretty cool idea.

The second one is about the shower area. As shown in photo below - from a Domaine (now part of Clarenton) display home back around 2006, by simply extending the bath tub towards the shower area, you can easily create a little sitting area inside your shower where you can either sit down or hold/put other stuffs. This would be quite handy.

We also saw a shower during our US trip as below with similar design.

During our construction, we did ask for similar changes to our main ensuite, unfortunately the price quoted by our builder was quite expensive and it was later removed.

Hope you find this little tip helpful!

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Jericho said...

Wow! What a unique little mirror with the secret cabinet behind---you could get creative with what you store in there!

I'm sure that once you find the right project, just the perfect one, everything will fall into place nicely! Best Wishes!!