Saturday, 29 October 2011

Qantas' decision to ground all domestic and international flights is ridiculous!!!

Got friends traveling overseas tomorrow morning, and we were all shocked to learn that Qantas ridiculously decided to ground all domestic and international flights indefinitely since this afternoon.

With tours and hotels all booked or other arrangements been made, imagine how big the impact is to travellers all over the world!

Unbelievable! Will never fly Qantas again!


Anonymous said...

There is more to it than the MEDIA HYPE!!!! Have a thought for the staff who may be also be out of work, through no fault of their own.

Allan said...

I think every company/organization has their own different problems somehow. If every bank, telco, post office, police, government do the same thing - shut down everything if there's any internal issue and then claim it's the other party's fault - what kind of chaos would that be and who is there to look after the customers/general public?

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who works for the company I found that over 80% of workers supported the decision as did I. I was at Ansett when I suddenly found myself without a Job and a brand new mortgage. Had Alan Joyce not taken this action I would have found myself in exactly the same boat AGAIN. Im thoroughly surprised as to how much faith you put in the media. If only you knew. Thats all I'll say.