Tuesday, 29 May 2007

[Progress.002] Demolition work finished yesterday

The demolition finally finished late yesterday afternoon. Everything went quite smoothly except 2 hiccups:

1. The old timber fence was slightly damaged. Due to our neighbour's power cable running across the front of our property (we tried very hard but still wasn't able to convince them to relocate it, even if at our cost... this is another story...), Fred has to bring in a smaller machine to demolish the concrete pathway and brick fence at the front. The smaller machine isn't as powerful as the big one, therefore took a while to remove the 3 tree stumps near the fence. The operator made a small mistake, and part of the old timber fence cracked and fell off. It wasn't a big deal as the fence has to be replaced in the future anyway...

2. When the smaller machine removed the brick fence at the front, the whole water meter and pipe came off as well. As shown in the picture below, whoever built the footing ages ago didn't bother to separate the pipe and cemented it together with the footing.

We were all examining the pipe, and didn't notice something more interesting happening outside. Near where Fred parked his car, water started coming out of the ground.

Sydney Water was contacted, and 2 gentlemen arrived very quickly. They digged a big hole, did something to the main pipe, used a pump to pump out the water, and quickly turned off the "Main tap" and stopped the water.

We now have a big hole in front of the house, waiting for the plumber to fix the connection, hopefully tomorrow morning.

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