Wednesday, 30 May 2007

[Progress.003] Plumber on-site, Sand Stone vs Timber retaining walls

Plumber was on-site this morning to fix the broken pipe, hopefully the water supply will be fixed and also the hole filled up when I get back home tonight.

Geoff, our Landscaper was there as well to assist, he checked the pipe and confirmed it's copper, therefore don't have to worry about bending it and ok to use the existing one. We also make sure that when the plumber install the pipe, there's enough space reserved and when Geoff put in the wall footing, the same pipe-cemented-into-the-footing scenario won't happen again.

Sand Stone vs Timber Retaining Walls
Geoff is a funny guy, he always said that we worried too much. We saw the quality of his sand stone block wall the other day, quite like it, and decided to change our original timber retaining wall to sand stone wall. We expressed our concern whether this change would require further council approval (landscape drawing, retaining wall engineering details all submitted to council and approved). Geoff contacted council and builder, and confirmed the builder is using their private certifier, no council approval is needed, just need to confirm with the certifier and he quickly got it all settled. This was a big relief as timber walls won't look as good as sand stone ones.

We are also surprised to find that although the cost of sand stone wall is higher than timber wall, it's actually cheaper than brick wall and much stronger. I guess as the sand stone blocks are much bigger than brick, it would require less labour to install...

Photos of Geoff's work:

Main Tap
According to the 2 gentlemen from Sydney Water the other day, the Main tap which connects our water meter to the main Sydney Water pipe is currently located quite close to where our future drive way will be built. Should there be any need to service the Main tap, they will need to dig a big hole, similar to what we seen the other day, and would cause damage to our drive way. After some discussion, we decided to ignore it as it's too late change the drive way now, plus the cost and delay involved is unclear, and the chance should be very very low. Even if this should happen, as we are putting pavings on the drive way, any damage should be easily recovered. But if anyone planning to have new drive way on different side of their property like us, should consider this issue.

Builder Post-Demolition Inspection
We are doing some tree pruning tomorrow morning, after that the builder will come for post demolition inspection. They also suggest us to withhold at least $2000 with the demolition payment until they are satisfied with the inspection, which is a good idea. Hopefully everything will be fine...

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