Thursday, 2 August 2007

[BlogSite.014] Have you tried Google Analytics?

I have inserted Google Analytics code to my site on the same day as I started using the SiteMeter counter in end of May. As Google Analytics doesn't provide any visible counter, I simply forgotten about it.

I logged on to Google Analytic today for the first time since May and was surprised to find that it can provide so many reports, and it's free! With SiteMeter although it provides a counter, you won't get any report like this unless you upgrade to the fee paying version. I will post some of the reports here for your reference. Hope you find it interesting as well.

First the overview, it shows you the graph (Note: you have to change the time period, it defaults to 1/7 - 31/7 when I first started), number of unique visitors, number of visits, ...etc. Quite helpful.

Next is the "Loyalty" report, more than 50% only visited once or twice... Well, it's the Internet world, what sort of Loyalty are you expecting??

Next is the "Depth of visit". As expected, most people only look at the first page...

Next is the "New vs Returning" report, looks like we have quite a lot of happy visitors that are willing to come back.

Next the referring site shows where visitors came from. I found it quite interesting. Most of the users came from Got a few from bestbuilder and my city2surf page as well.

Finally, is the country one, quite interesting to see visitors from 33 countries in the world!

Yes, it got almost everything except the counter, but since it's providing a lot more valuable report than others, you can use the free counter from SiteMeter, but definitely add Google Analytics into your blog, highly recommended!

There are a lot more reports than those I described above. Have a try yourself, you will be surprised with the information you can collect!


Perth_Euro said...

Ahhh I'm just another stat.

Always a good read your blogg, keep up the good work.

Annette and Mark said...

The google analytics is good, isn't it? Very addictive... gotta get more hits!! ;)