Sunday, 19 August 2007

[Others.013] The other house at Eastwood almost finished their frames!

I mentioned the other day about a house at Eastwood also built by our builder, which was also in slab stage when we were there on 6/8. The following 2 photos were taken on that day from my mobile.

When we were there this afternoon, we were quite surprise to see all the frames almost finished. (Note: for those viewers like me who like to browse through the content and only focus on photos, this is not my house, hope I didn't confuse you...)

I wish our framing stage can be that quick as well! Only bad thing is, we have to arrange for another payment after frames done...

Don't know how the other builders arrange their payment and different construction stages. I think our builder is quite smart by getting the first few stages done quite quickly and shifting most of the payments to the early stages. In that way, customers would be quite impressed and they can get the first few payments paid early.

Although they claim that in every stage, they have to finish all the required work "before" they receive the payment. I strongly doubt that, I think at the frame stage, the amount of money paid should have already covered their cost. After that, we are actually paying for the next stage...

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