Thursday, 2 August 2007

[Progress.021] Excavation started!

When I walked past our construction site on my way to train station this morning, I noticed this huge truck parked across the street. I have a feeling that something must be happening. I quickly take out my mobile to take some photos...

The gates were removed, 2 trades person are discussing something next to a big bobcat (is that the correct name of these machines?). Yes! They have started the excavation!

From the last picture, you can see there's actually another smaller machine in green colour at the back. They are doing some earth work at the moment, can clearly see some cutting been done.

Need to rush to work, so that's all I got this morning. The quality of the 1.3M camera on my mobile is definitely not as good as a proper camera. Will try to take a few more proper photos with my camera and post it here very soon, keep watching this space!!

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