Sunday, 5 August 2007

[Progress.024] Lots of white lines drawn on Saturday

The weather yesterday (Saturday) was beautiful and we were all busy with our daughter's birthday party, entertaining her and her 16 little guests at Castle Hills Lollipops Playland. Let me tell you, I felt more tired than running my daily 12+ KM exercise...

When we returned home exausted in the late afternoon, we were surprised to see some changes to our construction site. We didn't know they are suppose to work on Saturday?? There were lots of lines been marked/drawn everywhere. We didn't take any photo as it's quite dark.

The first 2 photos below were taken this morning from the front of the site. You can clearly see the white lines showing where the house will be built. There are some big white plus signs in the middle, we are guessing that's probably where the concrete piers will be drilled tomorrow.

From the bottom of the 1st photo, you can also see a stick tied with a long orange string. There are 2 sticks like this on each corner, they form a huge rectangle. We think that's for marking the edges of the slabs.

In the afternoon we checked the back of our site from our neighbour's backyard and took the following photos. Oh yes, don't worry, we did get their permission to enter their backyard.

The first one shows where the other end of alfresco with 2 posts shown, and the bay window. 2 sticks were shown in the lower left hand side corner.

This is a closer photo of the sticks. You can see the white lines are probably some sort of powder or spray paint, and the square wasn't very accurate, probably just marking a rough location of the alfresco post.

The last one shows where the kitchen will be located.

We will have our piers tomorrow, hope they don't have to drill very deep before hitting the rocks. Otherwise there will be some extra charges...


Annette and Mark said...

Allcastle slugged us an extra $3k for additional piers during the piering process. They hit hard rock and the additional piers were required to ensure structural soundness. However, it didn't help with the structural soundness of our bank balance. :)
Fingers crossed again for you. And toes... for good measure.


Allan said...

We paid about $2600... Not quite happy about that...