Wednesday, 8 August 2007

[Progress.026] Drain pipes installed

There wasn't much progress when I checked our site this morning, only a few drain pipes installed.
This is for the powder room, we also have a shower so there are 4 pipes: toilet, drain for shower, drain for floor and vanity.

The one at the left is for the kitchen, the two at the right are for laundry.

This one is similar to the one above, except from a higher angle as I was standing on the brick fence at the front. You can see all those concrete piers all over the places, wonder how long it takes for them to be completely dried.

After the concrete piers on Monday, we got lots of dirt/soil everywhere. According to our supervisor, there will be another round of digging when all the plumbing work including water, sewage and drain pipes are connected. So they won't be removed until all the plumbing works completed.

Our supervisor was also talking about he will give us a quote for removing all the dirt, and if we can get a cheaper one we can use our own trades person. Hang on, I thought we already paid extra and got the dirt removal covered in the contract? Quickly check the document and confirmed it's covered. See, there's another trap for extra expense if we haven't got that covered!

The other day when the concrete pumping guys finished their work, they dumped the remaining concrete at the front entrance. That doesn't look good but I think it can help with keeping the soils been washed away to the street when it rains...

Hay, this wasn't there yesterday? Some one decided to do some concrete mixing work in front of entrance. It's all dried and stuck on the floor, right in the middle of the path where people normally walk past our site. Hope no one get tripped over by this. This is really dumb!

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