Sunday, 19 August 2007

[Progress.032] Drainage work completed!

Should have done this post yesterday, but was too busy with other stuffs...

This is what our site looks like yesterday afternoon, compared with the first 2 photos from previous post and you will see the differences. The small pipe near the gate, marked with some tape was where the sewage pipe is located.

This photo from the right hand side of the slab shows a few extra drainage pipes for the rain water been installed. I think they will later be connected to the down pipes.

This photo from the left hand side shows even more pipes. I think the 4 marked with dark colored tape are for the powder room. Those extra ones on the left hand side must be for the down pipe or the water tank connection.

We are quite happy to see all soils been removed and the 2 small concrete stuffs at the front path also removed.

The weather is not that stable and we have very heavy rain for the whole day today. The weather forecast for next week wasn't that good either, seems to be raining everyday. Hope it stops for a few days for our frame installation...

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