Friday, 24 August 2007

[Progress.037] Frames for ground floor done

Got some photos from yesterday here.
When I walked past our site yesterday morning, a truck just unloaded some bright orange coloured steel beams. There were 2 trades person on site working on the frames.

When I visited it again last night, I found the pipe that was suppose to allow rain waters to flow out to the road was blocked by mud. Have to ask our builder to clean it up.

Good to see they finally moved all the timbers inside.

Have a closer look at the beams, looks quite strong... What surprised me is the steel mesh... Not the grey one, the grey one is the fence, it's the yellow one I am talking about. They are the left overs from the slab, and it's all rusted...Are we sure this thing is strong enough to be used as part of our slabs??

This is part of the bay window at the front for our ground floor. Did you notice something unusual?

Yes, the damaged frame I mentioned in previous post. Isn't it very obvious? Even a 5 years old can see that it's damaged, then why is it still been used??!! Will talk to our builder to get it fixed...

The other side of ground floor. It's very dark and the other areas are not very clear. Will try to get better photos during day time next time...

I think the frames for ground floor is done. It looks more like a house now, can't wait to see they finish all the frames...

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Annette and Mark said...

Fancy installing that broken frame piece. Totally disgusting whoever the tradesmen were. And they haven't done themselves any favours as they'll spend even more time replacing it now.