Saturday, 25 August 2007

[Progress.038] More tiger tails, and a few other stuffs

The rain has been on and off for the past few days, so there wasn't much progress today, except the tiger tails.
As requested by the site supervisor, we added some more tiger tails today, another unplanned expense... There used to be 6 (3 pairs) of them, now we have extra 8, total of 14 installed as 7 pairs...

The entrance was very muddy, we discussed with site supervisor and he agreed to order some gravels very soon. There's another site building with Masterton near our area, they have lots of gravels in the entrance and it looks much better than ours.

I think these boards are the flooring boards for 1st floor. With the yellow tongue thing they can be joined together easily.

This is a closer look of the beams to support the flooring boards.

This is the right hand site of the house, can vaguely see the windows spaces at the back. They might look the same to you but we are already matching it against our drawings and start seeing the shapes of each area been created like a big LEGO puzzle. And yes, how can I forget the damaged frame for the front bay window...

This one is the other side, for the areas behind garage.

A closer look of the seweage pipe, looks ok to me, but wife quite concern about the status about the pipe below. Hopefully after the gravels added it will be much better.

A closer look of the steel beams. There are about 8 of them, don't know why we need so many of them.

I think the 8 (4 pairs) of them shown here with 2 big screws are the stand for supporting the beams. But if there are 8 steel beams, and 4 pairs of stands, how are the other 4 going to be supported?? By timber frames?

Saw this bottle on the ground, labelled as "Iplex Pink Priming Fluid". Found this web page talking about "Iplex priming fluid must always be used when making solvent weld joints. It is generally coloured pink for identification although clear is also available." I read it a few times but still don't quite understand what is it talking about...

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