Monday, 27 August 2007

[Progress.039] Two big sausages and a little possum

When I walked past our site tonight, I couldn't believe my eyes. I was expecting some gravels at the entrance or at least some progress with the 1st floor frames as it was a beautiful sunny day. As shown below, our builder just left 2 big sausages and the frames remained untouched. Do you call this gravel? And would you expect this to fix our muddy entrance??!!

And they even wrote their name on it! What the !@#^%$^&@#%$ who's going to steal your ugly fat crap? If you want to prove that you have done some work, why don't you clean up the site and remove all the rubbish?

Later on my jog, I saw something cute that somehow calm me down a bit. This little possum was sitting on the wire looking at me. Hope my camera flash didn't scare him/her.

The weather forecast was sunny days for the whole week, I hope there will be some "real" progress tomorrow...

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