Saturday, 1 September 2007

[Progress.041] Some beams setup, more gravels, damaged frame replaced

We have 2 trades person on-site yesterday, and they told me they will be working on the frames. I thought they will setup the frames for 1st floor, when I checked it this morning, the frames seems remaining the same. As shown below, there are actually some changes - some of the orange beams are been installed.

Also, the other day the gravels were only up to the gates. Now it's all the way up to the slabs.

Another achievement is we can now clearly see the damaged frame has been replaced. But why do they leave the damaged timber at the front is beyond me, is that to prove that they have done the work??

The other thing I don't quite understand is, why would they leave this big steel beam above the garage doors on top of 2 small timber. Looks quite dangerous to me... Or are they trying to show everyone how strong the frame timbers are??

I have a closer look yesterday morning, the big window been left at the front the other day was actually the sliding door.

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