Friday, 7 September 2007

[Progress.043] More beams setup, more frames delivered

When I checked our site this afternoon, I saw most of the timber beams been setup.

This one is from the other side, viewing from the garage's direction.

There were also some more frames delivered, probably for the 1st floor.

Remember last time I mentioned they setup this big steel beam on top of 2 tiny timber frames? They now placed even more timber beams on top of the steel beam, making it even more heavier for the 2 tiny frames below. Great, looking even more dangerous to me!

And I also noticed there were a lot more rubbish all over the places. Have a closer look, I found that some of them are actually sketches/drawings for other construction sites! This one is about how the beams should be placed for a house in Roseville.

This one is about a house building with Wincrest homes.

This one is about a house in Oatley for Mr/Mrs Little building with Trident Homes. I am not happy about this. If these guys can dump other houses' drawings on my site, that means they could also be dumping mine somewhere else...

I checked the wires at the front. As shown below, may be they are right. The wires are indeed a bit messy...

According to our builder, if weather permits, the crane will be here around next Wednesday. Quickly checked the weather forecast: rain should stop after Sunday and stay sunny for a few days, sweet!

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Perth_Euro said...

I would say that when they brickup that the steel beam will sit on some brick pillars.

Looks under supported at moment for sure.