Monday, 10 September 2007

[Progress.044] Scaffolding up, ready for 1st floor frames!

This morning we have 2 trades person working on the frames. There's this truck with generator running, supplying power to the workers. As we have warned our builder about our super fussy neighbours many many times, they won't be stealing electricity or water, as reported by epiphany in this post: "Problems with people building next door".

They are busy hiding, sorry I mean working behind the frames...

When I revisited our site again around 9 pm, I was quite surprised to see lots of scaffolding been installed. They even moved all the frames stacked at the front this morning up above the other frames. Well done! Looks like we are ready for the crane!

This is from the garage side...

Quickly checked the weather forecast again:

Forecast for Tuesday
Early shower, then fine. Light to moderate westerly winds, becoming fresh and gusty in the afternoon and evening.
Precis: Early shower, then fine.

Not 100% perfect day for crane, but after that it's "Fine" until next Monday... Getting really exciting now... Wonder what it looks like to have a huge crane struggling through the "jungle" of wires... I wish they could "accidentally" knock down my neighbour's wire, so that I can get rid of the ugly tiger tails...

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