Wednesday, 12 September 2007

[Progress.045] Never trust what your builder promised

When we spoke with builder last week, we were told: (1) crane will be here on Wednesday (2) all frame work will be finished this week.

As owner, we all love to see someone working on site everyday unless it rains, unfortunately it's almost impossible. We have beautiful weather yesterday but there wasn't any one on site. Being a practical person, I thought: fine, may be it's all done on Monday and since crane will be here tomorrow, no harm having a day off...

I woke up earlier than usual this morning, went on site around 7 am (workers normally start at this time), expecting to see a huge crane stuck in the wires, pulling down my neighbour's power line while trying to set itself free.... Urh...what? There was no one there! What happened?

I went back again around 7:45 am and saw the same truck with the same guys who were here on Monday. I asked if the crane will be coming today. They said: don't think the crane will be here today, probably next Monday..... What the @^#%$!#~!@#... If the crane won't be here until next Monday, how are they going to finish the frames this week?!

No wonder there's always lots of unhappy stories with house construction. As shown in this case, builders always give owners very high expectation (especially on schedules) but seldom deliver on time.

I guess after all these, I will start treating my builder like the real estate/car sales person: ignore what they promised, only believe it when you actually see the thing, and always double check it yourself...

I will still be checking every morning on my way to work and every night during my jog, and see when the crane actually appears, and when the frame actually finished...

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