Thursday, 20 September 2007

[Progress.049] Roof trusses almost all done

Yesterday morning there wasn't much progress, but when I was there last night all the roof trusses for 1st floor were all done! The crane must have been here sometime yesterday.

This one from garage side.

I also checked the back from neighbour's back yard, looks like only thing left is the alfresco and kitchen roof trusses at the back waiting to be finished.

The followings are from this morning. Things are much clearer in the day light. You can see that the big bin is gone. I also noticed a problem, as our house is much higher than the road, when I stand at the front of the gate only the frames for the eaves are visible and I can hardly see the roof.

I have to walk across the other side of the road to see the roof trusses... I start wondering whether the extra money we spent for the roof upgrade is worth it if you can't see it unless from a further distance...

Hope they can finish the alfresco and kitchen roof trusses very soon, then we can move on to the next stage for the bricks! Only problem is, that means we need to prepare our next payment very soon, as the next one is when the frames all done...

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