Friday, 21 September 2007

[Progress.050] Roof trusses all done, bricks & sand delivered!

It was raining for the whole day yesterday, so I wasn't expecting anything where I was on site tonight. And I was quite surprised to see a huge pile of sand in front of the house.

A closer look at the front, the sliding door that was there on Wednesday disappeared, only a single piece of door window left, probably it's been installed at the back.

Then on the other side I was even more surprised to see the bricks delivered! I thought we haven't finish the frames/trusses stage yet?

This one from the garage side, looks like there's at least 6 or 7 big blocks (what's the unit for this, is it carton, lots, blocks or something else?) of bricks... But that doesn't seem to be enough for the whole house. I read a few stories from forum about some bad stories/experiences with different batches of bricks come in different colour. Some of them was picked up earlier during the construction and quickly stopped. A few of them wasn't that lucky and the owners didn't recognise the problem until hand over, which is quite sad. There wasn't much option left, you can either render all the bricks or use some chemical to make the colour consistent, either way, you end up with delays and bad feelings. Yes, it's a problem with the brick company, not the builder, but no one want to see that happening. We will definitely check ours everyday to avoid any possible issues been slipped without notice.

This one from neighbour's backyard. Now that's much better, the roof trusses for alresco all completed. And the sliding door was indeed installed.

This one from different angle, with part of kitchen window included.

This one focusing on the roof trusses for the kitchen. So looks like all frames and roof trusses are done! We should be receiving our next payment notice very soon!

I noticed some problem while looking around. There were some rubbish that's not related to our construction been dumped at the front. If you zoom in closer, you will see it's the package of a tower hanger and part of door frame. None of our bathroom stuffs are here yet and we haven't got any door frames installed either. So looks like we have some naughty neighbour(s) taking this excellent opportunity to get rid of some rubbish during their renovation...

I also found this paper under the fence. Looks like it's a detail diagram about how the roof trusses should be installed...

According to our builder, the brick work should take about 4-5 weeks. Hopefully we can have the brick work + roof tiles done before Christmas!

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