Sunday, 30 September 2007

[Progress.052] Brick work started, problem with bathroom window

On Thursday (27/9) night we saw some scaffoldings been delivered.

Friday morning, we have 2 trades person working on the bricks.

These are some of their tools...

On Saturday morning, we can see they have finished surrounding the house with at least 1 course of bricks...

This is where the entrance/porch is located.

This one from the water tank area.

This one viewed from the back through neighbour's backyard

Unfortunately, we also found a new issues. The windows for 1st floor main bathroom should be obscured/glazed, but the one been installed is in clear glass. Will raise it with the builder next week.

The best thing is to see our brick work finally started. I had a chat with them and they said it should only take about 3 weeks if weather permits. That's definitely shorter then builder's 4-5 weeks estimate! Will wait and see how it goes...

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