Sunday, 16 September 2007

[PropertyInfo.014] Luxury cars could add extra 10-20% to property value?

There was this article called "Its all about what you park" by Yvonne Campbell from property section of local news: Northern District Times this week, which says that according to new buyer perception survey by

"Luxury cars such as BMWs or Mercedes suggest affluence and exclusivity, which could add an extra to 10 per cent in value to local properties."

"The best neighbourhood is a tree-lined haven of Porsches and Ferraris."

"Having such a flashy vehicle parked outside could set prices racing ahead by 20 per cent, according to the survey."

So this means that if you are planning to sell your house, you now got one more extra expenses! Just think about it: for a $500K house, 10% is enough to buy you a new car! Start contacting car rental services, or to save a few bucks, may be you should call all your friends, relatives, colleagues, ...etc who owns luxury car(s)...

From the other point of view, if you are a potential buyer and noticed all these luxury cars parked near the house you are interested... Better come back on another days to check if they all suddenly turned into old Toyota or rusted Hyundais....

Would you believe that? We are selling houses here, not cars!

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