Wednesday, 17 October 2007

[Progress.058] Bricks for back bay windows done

When I was on-site this morning, the brick layers were working on the front porch. Hopefully we can see it finished when I get back home tonight. If they can finish the front porch today, the only area left for ground floor will be the upper part of study room & meals room.

Yesterday they finished the bay windows at the back and I took some photos. But there seems to be some problem with site and I can't upload any photos. Will try again tonight.

All 3 photos finally uploaded...

You can clearly see the newly laid bricks on the upper half as the mortar colour is darker. This is the bay window at the back.

This is the sliding door (right next to bay window) to enter the alfresco.

This is the kitchen wall (right next to the sliding door).

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