Wednesday, 17 October 2007

[Progress.059] Shocking

My builder called this afternoon, sent us a quote they received and want to ask for extra $800-$900 for connecting the sewer line.

The quote is as shown below, with our address masked out for privacy reason.

The content is as below:
"Quotation to extend 100mm sewer line 5 meters beyond property boundary. Disconnect existing sewer line fr(om) Sydney Water Sewer Main located adjacent to kerb to allow for connection of new service."

"Pay Council Road Opening Permi(t)."

"Pay Sydney Water Inspection Fees."


"Removal of overburden from site"

The right hand side of the quote was cut-off and you can't see the exact figure. But luckily from the lower left hand side you see the notes: "4180 x 1.25 = 5225.00".

Our guess for that is, the quote is "$4180" (can roughly see first 2 letter "41" from the image), plus 25% profit margin (as they normally do), and they will charge us $5225.

Wonder how you feel about that. Well, I won't complaint if they charged us about $4,500 and then asked for extra $700-800. Problem is we already paid $8,980.00 in the contract for "water sewer and stormwater pipes connection" in the contract!

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