Tuesday, 23 October 2007

[Progress.062] Bricks for garage door finished, works on alfresco posts started

Started from yesterday, we have 4 brick layers instead of 2 and the progress is indeed much faster. As shown in photo below, they already finished the brick work for garage door today. If you have a closer look at the areas under all the windows on first floor, you will see that they actually done some brick works on that as well.

This is a closer look at the garage door, hopefully with the darker bricks been used above garage door, this will make it looks better and sort of stand out a bit.

When I checked the back of the house, I was surprised to see brick works for 3 of the 4 alfresco posts already started.

Tried to fit the back of the whole house in this photo, again you can see most of the area under the first floor windows also covered with brick.

Got a new question this time, I noticed the ground floor powder room (bathroom) got some extra black paint applied. Don't know what's that for and can't understand why was it applied like that. I was thinking of water proofing, but why wasn't it applied to the shower drain (in the right hand side corner, not shown in the photo) and why the triangle drawing?

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