Friday, 12 October 2007

[WeeklySummary.010] Week 10 (04/10/2007) - (10/10/2007)

Brick work continued, front bay windows and kitchen fully covered with bricks, rest of ground floor walls all done up to about 1.5M high.

Unplanned expenses:

1. Found a hole on the floor board of bedroom above garage --> discussed with supervisor, will be fixed later. Can't replace the board as that requires removing the whole board, which might damage other areas. Will have extra supporting beams installed under it.

2. 2 "Noggings" in frames of bedroom above garage damaged - Noggings removed, front of frames covered by board --> discussed with supervisor, will be fixed when internal walls are up.

3. Sewage pipe (in front of property) broken --> discussed with supervisor, no point fixing it now as there will still be many truck deliveries for at least a few more months. It will be fixed later.

4. 1st floor main bathroom windows was installed with clear glass windows instead of obscured/glazed ones. --> discussed with supervisor, will be fixed after brick work done.

5. Right hand side supporting steel beam in garage not bolted to ground --> discussed with supervisor, he said he is waiting for the concrete guy to come back to cut off some concrete next to that steel beam, about 20mm. Once that's done it will be bolted correctly.

6. One of the bricks near water tank in different colour --> discussed with brick layer, decided to leave it as it is, issue closed.

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