Tuesday, 30 December 2008

[Progress.148] Pump Replaced

We have a guy from The Pool Clinic knocking at our door at around 8 am this morning to replace the pump for the rain water tank. Very impressed, I thought everyone was on holiday??

The company looks after all the services for the Davey products, and this guy carried this little machine with him.

I took a closer picture of it and he explained that the water will be sucked into the pump through the bottom part (marked with red arrows), and then pumped through the hole marked with blue arrow, which would somehow connected to a pipe somewhere. The yellow coloured thing floats on the water surface for it to detect the water level. There's also a small sign behind the yellow thing which says "Made in Italy", wonder if that's for the whole machine or just that part.

If you are interested in getting more information about the pump, I did a search on their web site and further information about this "Submersible sump pumps with twin impeller" is available here.

We just released most of the water a few days ago while it was raining. It took more than an hour to release all 3000+ L of water and it's quite boring watching it. I thought we have to go through the long, boring water release process again. But he just put his hand into the tank, unscrew a pipe and pull out the whole thing in about 30 seconds time. Wow! So the pump actually stays inside the tank!

As shown below, the one on the left is the replacement, the one at the right with a long white pipe connected is the malfunctioned one.

The black machine in the control box at the background of photo above (shown below), which we always thought was the pump, is actually just the "RainBank water controller". It's interesting to learn all these new things everyday!

When viewed from above the tank, the pipe highlighted in red below, is where the long pipe connects to.

He then swap the pipe over and slowly drop the pump into the tank. It actually takes more time to run the extremely long power cable around the pipes than to replace the pump! When it's all done, I could see the pump with the yellow thing floating on the water surface inside the huge tank.

Have a quick look inside the tank and as below, can see some supporting structure inside the tank.

We did a few tests to prove it's working ok, and I asked him why the mains water meter was running when I turned on the garden hose (which connects to the rain water tank)? He said the system is designed to use the water pressure from the mains to start up the system, once it's started, it will still work even if you turn off the mains. Did a few more tests and it worked exactly as he described, very interesting!

One more problem solved, yeah!

Monday, 29 December 2008

[PropertyInfo.035] Is gutter leaking problem covered by insurance?

We have a guy from ABC Seamless, one of the gutter/leaf guard company to give us a quote for a leaf guard for our gutters the other day.

During his presentation, I noticed in his folder there were some information about 2 articles (see below) from Sydney Morning Herald about some major problems with the "high-front gutters" design.

The 2 articles with quite shocking information are as below:

Gremlin behind the walls


Government failed to tell builders of gutter rule: Opposition

As mentioned in the articles:

"People think it's just a matter of a simple roof leak, which they can then claim through their insurance,"

"But these homes will not be repaired by insurance companies if the original work was non-compliant. This guttering is not only a breach of legislation but an act of unwitting deceit, potentially causing health and financial stress to consumers. Then they pursue us, and we face litigation for non-compliance."

"Opposition's spokeswoman on fair trading, Catherine Cusack, called the widespread installation of non-compliant guttering systems 'one of the greatest failures in Australian consumer protection history'"

From the articles, looks like there were a few things not been followed during gutter installation, such as: (1) leaving a gap between the gutter and the wall, (2) there should be overflowing slots (holes) on the gutter, but some manufacturers leave it as optional.

Also, the design of "high-front gutters" is flawed as when there's more water than it could handle, the water will naturally flows toward the back - into the house as the back of the gutter is much lower than the front.

One other option of course, would be to have a gutter that has a higher back. And that's where ABC Seamless is pushing their special "high-back gutter" product and they claim to be the only one in the industry that's supplying this product - see the "Ogee" one as highlighted below, the page of all available gutter profiles is here.

There must be other technical complications or cost/installation issues involved, otherwise I don't understand why they also sell the "flawed" high front gutters?

Regardless of all these, yes, we all know that we have to clean our gutters regularly and yes, the leaf guard would help to prevent blockage. But my main concern is, is it true that insurance company won't be covering the cost if there's any problem? What options do we have?

Hope someone with experience/knowledge in this area can help to clarify, and any comments/suggestions welcomed!

[Others.031] Family Funday Sunday - Needs futher improvement!

Yesterday was the 2nd "Family Funday Sunday" - a New South Wales Government Initiative for families to "enjoy a fun day out with unlimited travel on Sydney's buses, trains and ferries every Sunday."

We have a few overseas visitors with us yesterday and we went to a few popular places - Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, ...etc. From the huge crowd of people wherever we go, seems to prove that this excellent idea was widely welcomed by lots of people -- hope it helps to generate more revenue for all the retailers as well!

But from what we experienced at the Circular Quay with the ferries, looks like there's still a few areas which can be further improved.

We got on the ferries at the Aquarium and off at the Circular Quay. Hundreds of people gathered around the 5 ticketing machines to get a ticket as otherwise can't exit through the gate.

First there was no sign about which ticket should we purchase for "Family Funday Sunday". After squeezed ourselves through the huge crowd, we then learned from one of the extremely busy staff that we should pick the yellow "pensioner" option. Ok, one problem solved.

Next, we found that we can only purchase one single ticket at a time. There were 7 of us, after inserted a $20 comes a single ticket and big pile of $2 coins as change. Then we have to repeat the process again and again and finally got all the tickets. There was another group with 10+ people around another machine, and everyone is complaining and cursing,.....etc. Certainly doesn't look like a "Funday" for sure.

When we later decided to leave Circular Quay to return to Darling Harbour by ferry on Wharf 5 around 6pm, there were hundreds of people already on the platform for a ferry to Parramatte in front of us. It wasn't a nice scene for sure, specially when the ferry arrived. People start pushing, yelling and shouting, trying to board the ferry, which was already late.

To be honest, I have never seen anything like that before in Sydney. After a while, the poor Sydney Ferry staffs were trying to control the crowd, finally managed to stop the rest of the crow from pushing through the gate as the ferry was obviously full.

There's this Indian lady screaming and yelling when the staff stopped her. Looks like some of her group was already on the ferry and she wants to get them off the ferry so they can stay together. After some more calm talking, she was allowed to enter the ferry to get her friends off the ferry. A few other lucky ones then moved in, and the ferry finally left...

We then heard the announcement: "...There's no more ferry to Paramatta for the day..." Well, that sort of explains why everyone was so desperate in trying to get on to the ferry...

But it's not the end of the world, they can still catch the train using the same ticket without paying any extra. Why risk everyone's life & safety like that? The Ferry staffs were just trying to do their job!

It was quite embarrassing and our overseas visitors certainly weren't very impressed about this kind of third world country style chaos for our public transport system...

Haven't got a chance to travel with the buses and trains yesterday, certainly hope none of the others were in such chaos like the ferries...

I can think of a few things the Sydney Ferry could have done to improve the situation:
1) improve the ticket selling system
2) control the number of people allowed to enter the platform
3) use the PA to broadcast helpful information
4) plan for the extra load and probably arrange for extra ferries on standby in case of emergencies like this

Saturday, 27 December 2008

[Others.030] What's this pattern on the Harbour Bridge?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

New Year Eve is coming and today at the rocks, we can see a strange pattern been installed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Can't really tell what it is by looking at the pattern.

This is a closer look, can you work out what it is??

For the past few years, the fireworks and pattern on the Harbour Bridge has always been the highlights of the New Year celebration. Can't remember which year it was, the best one I have seen is the bouncing heart. Hope this NYE we can have an even more exciting one!

Happy 2009 everyone!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

[PropertyInfo.034] Mirror mirror on the wall, how much should I sell my house for?

I am always interested in how some owners/agents decide about how much should they ask for when putting a property on the market.

With the recent economic downturn, there were lots of mixed information every where. For example, there's this one about "Real estate agents flee industry", and this one talking about "Rising home loans could tip recovery".

I also mentioned in this post about owners trying to take advantage of the first home buyer grant and increase their selling price to a incredible level. And I just found a very good example in our suburb recently.

There was this developer who purchased a triangular shape land with an old house at the end of Willoughby Street Epping, applied for sub-division, knocked it down and build 2 modern houses. Can't remember if it's late last year or early this year, they were asking for over $920K each. Which we think it's ridiculously over priced.

If you search on the net, you might still able to find this page, which as shown below, asking for $849K each around April/May this year.

Then price dropped a lot and around Sep/Oct this year, it dropped to around $650K as shown in this page and a copy below.

Surprisingly, a few weeks ago we noticed the price rocketed to $779K! The latest ads is available here.

Based on our understanding of the market, from the size of the land and the quality, we think an acceptable price would be around $600K - $650K. Don't understand why would the owner do it like this, wasting time and effort, damaging it's reputation/image by keep on changing the price & agent every few months. All the buyers nowadays are really cautious and always do a lot of homework before making any commitment. If the owner had started within the reasonable range earlier this year, both houses could have been gone ages ago!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

[Progress.147] Insulation fix completed

This post is for the photos from the insulation work. I have listed a few before-after sets to make it easier to understand.
Basically what we found was, there were 4 bags of insulation materials left above the ceiling. The insulation guy couldn't do the job on their first visit as there wasn't enough materials. On their 2nd visit, they brought a few more bags with different colour (yellow instead of pink).
This is the first set:

This is the 2nd set:

This is the 3rd set:

This is the last set:

From below, can see that the pink ones are in R3.5.

While the new yellow ones are in R3.3, I guess shouldn't be much difference.

We haven't install the roof top ventilation thing yet (as shown below) so it's quite hot up there. But they did quite excellent job, with all areas nicely covered.

[Progress.145] Some progress for the insulation

The maintenance guy did a good job the other day in picking up a problem with our insulation the other day. The insulation job wasn't completed properly and their sub-contractors will be fixing that this weekend.

For all of you who have recently moved into your new house. Try to get a ladder, climb into the man hole and check the insulation installation above your ceiling. See if you are also one of the "lucky"(or unlucky?) ones like us who's insulation job wasn't completed properly. Honestly, I really suspect how many new house owner would spend the time & effort to check the above-ceiling area...

[Update] Sorry, I accidentally deleted this post by mistake. Got it restored now...

[Progress.146] Some Updates

We have someone from BlueScope Steel on site the other day to check our rain water tank and confirmed there's a problem with the pump. Unfortunately due to the holiday we have to wait until early January to have the plumber back to fix the pump.

The insulation fix work was completed as well, will try to post a few photos later.

The most important update however, is our court case against Demir Leather. After a few months' of fight, we lodged an application to the NSW Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT) and they finally decided to refund our deposit. A huge victory for us!

Friday, 12 December 2008

[Others.029] Tracking Aircraft Noises

One of the annoying thing you should try to avoid when buying a house is aircraft noises. And the best way to find out more information would be to find out all the flight paths for the airports in your city.

There's this web site which shows the flight paths and noise levels from different monitors. Click on "location" on the left hand navigation bar, pick a city and you can see the current flight operations on the browser(with 40 min delay for security reason).

I found it quite interesting watching so many planes coming in and out of the airport. As shown below you can also have a clear view of the flight path for different aircrafts.

As shown below in the yellow bubble, whenever an aircraft approaches the sensor, it will change colour and show the noise level.

Wonder if there's services like this for other major international airports. Would be interesting to see the flight paths for all the very busy ones like New York or London looks like...

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

[Others.028] Noisy Choppers

Don't know what happened, last night started from around 8:30 pm, we could hear very loud chopper noises from somewhere in the sky. As we were closed to the old Channel 7 site, we thought it's just someone visiting the site by helicopter. But then it came back again and again, about 5 to 6 times in total, circling the sky in huge circles, about 15 - 20 min per trip. I checked from the backyard and I could visually see 4 choppers flying across the sky. I tried to take some photo & video but unfortunately my equipments were not professional enough for the dark night and only record the noise. The strange part was, I noticed only the last one has a red flashing light at the tail part but the first 3 had no light turned on at all. We thought it might be some sort of anti-terrorist training by the police or army. Flying late at night in residential areas in such low altitude, making so much noises was very annoying when we all trying to have some quiet rest after long day at work. Wonder if anyone in Sydney area also noticed that last night.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

[PropertyInfo.033] More construction work on our street!

The other day I was awaken early in the morning by some machinery noise from the street. Have a look from the windows and found some guys working on the trees for the house across the street. It was a very special day for them, because their DA finally got approved by the council!

I mentioned in this post last November that there were 2 construction applications been lodged to council at roughly the same time, both to be built by Eden Brae.

The one on the other side of the street was approved within a few months, and right now they are already closed to lock-up stage.

The unlucky one right across the road from ours was knocked back a few times due to neighbours complaining about water drainage related issues and finally got approved in mid/end of November - almost 12 months of long battle.

According to an old neighbour who has lived on this street for more than 25 years, that side of the street was much lower than the street, and many years ago there used to be a huge pond at the backyard of those houses. It should be council's responsibility to fix the drainage but as we all know, there's always things that are more important and therefore nothing was done on that even though everyone complaints about it many times. And now when this new owners with no knowledge of the situation purchased the old house and applied for building a new house, both the council and the surrounding neighbours took this excellent opportunity to get the poor fellow to double, triple the size of water tank, do lots of extra things to help with the situation...

Now that it's finally approved, good luck to them and hopefully everything after that would be easier and less trouble...

Hope this helps anyone thinking of purchasing a property to think twice before buying a house/land that's lower than street level. Make sure you do lots of homework before you sign the dotted line!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

[Progress.144] Is that water dripping sound?

Last night, or early this morning actually, around 12:30 am, I was awaken by this continuous strange noise, on and off every 10-20 seconds coming from somewhere around my bedside drawers. As it's quite annoying, I quickly tapped it with my mobile (yes, I got this bad habit of leaving my mobile next to me...). Tell me what you think it is (from 15th sec & 25th sec)...

It's coming from some where down below, I checked inside the drawers, but could't find anything. As we just had a heavy thunderstorm during the day time plus a short hail storm, we were quite worry if it's some sort of leaking somewhere...

I quickly dashed downstairs to garage to get my torch, checked every inch of walls around the area, still couldn't find any sign of leakage. But that annoying sound was still there! I then checked the wall of the room right behind our bedroom, still couldn't find anything.

I thought it's the lamp and switched off the power. Waited another few seconds and it started again, damn!

We moved the drawers away from where it was, and checked the walls around the back of the drawers but still couldn't work out where it came from.

I moved around the drawers and bed as slowly as I could for a while and finally worked out the sound actually came from the bottom of the drawers, not from inside the walls...

I bent down and found this little bug trapped in the spider webs/dust under the bedside drawer, struggling, trying to free itself. Whenever it twisted and moved its body, it makes that strange ticking sound which we thought was the water dripping sound due to water leaking...

The way it moves its body reminds me about the twin insects in the movie "bug's life". It's really fast and it makes the ticking noise...

What a relieve when we finally confirmed it's not a leak. As for the annoying little fellow, to "thank" him/her for the trouble, I captured the last few seconds of his/her stay in my house, covered in some tissue paper, before been flushed down the toilet. Sorry that it's quite unclear as the camera on mobile phones wasn't designed to capture close up objects...

What a night!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

[Progress.143] No more over flow with filter bag removed

As suggested by the maintenance guy from our builder, I removed the filter bag from the water tank the other day. We have lots of rains in the past few days, and so far I haven't seen the over flowing problem happening. So looks like he is correct about if the filter bag wasn't cleaned, it could cause the over flow.

I guess technically the over flow wasn't such a major issue, so I decided to put the filter bag in. If it ever over flow again, I will just clean the filter bag, not a big deal.

The main issue now, is the "pump getting water from the mains instead of the water tank" problem. The maintenance guy will get the supplier to have a look but he doesn't think this is a problem... Will wait and see how it goes...

[BlogSite.026] Yeah! I got 2 followers!

I just found this new feature in Blogger called "Following" which shows how many users subscribed to my blog using Google Reader. And I was surprised to find that I already have a few followers! I have also subscribed to quite a few blogs but unfortunately looks like this "Following" thing only counts those using Google Reader and I was mainly using Netvibes...

I have also added this new widget to show the followers at the left hand side bar, hope you can subscribe to my blog too!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

[Progress.142] Water tank filter bag cleaned, and new discovery

Spent some time with the water tank the other day, trying to solve the mystery of water overflowing from the rain water tank whenever it rains. You will be surprised with what I found...

This is what the top of water tank looks like, just have to remove a few screws to remove the black leave strainer and open it...

With the leave strainer removed, I was quite surprised to see lots of water and green stuff (algae?) inside. So may be the builder was right, the filter bag was blocked, needs cleaning, and the water couldn't pass through the filter bag?

But wait, hang on, with the filter bag half-removed, the water level in the tank was almost full. How come there's so much water in the tank? It hasn't rained for a few days, and we must have used the washing machines a few times, flushed the toilets many times everyday, and also watered the lawn yesterday as well. Does the pump automatically refill the tank to the "full" level? Will look into this later.

I slowly pull the bag out, to me it looks like a huge, dirty underwear :-) ....

I left it on the floor and you can see how dirty it is. Time for some cleaning...

Sorry if it's a bit unclear as I was using the camera on my mobile. There's this small logo which says "TANKSNAKE". Later I did a quick search on Google and found this company in QLD with a simple single page web site. Their web site also provides a few tips about how to look after your filter bag, you might want to have a look to learn some info about that. I think the tip of adding a cover to block the sun light is quite helpful.

While cleaning it, from inside the bag, I found this part at the bottom which is in different colour and feel like plastic. Don't know what is it, hope it's not a patch to fix/block the hole...

This is what that plastic thing looks from the outside of the filter bag.

Any way after about 15 min rubbing, brushing and cleaning, it looks much cleaner now. To be honest I still don't think this is the root cause of the overflowing water issue.

The Bureau of Meteorology said it's going to rain starting from this Friday and will last for a few days. So I am going to leave this filter bag out of the tank just for this week and see if the water still overflows. If that's the case, our builder will have no more excuse!

Now that I fixed the dirty filter bag, let's get back to the "full tank of water" problem I mentioned above. I decided to do a simple test:

  • First, make sure no one in the house is using the toilet/washing machine/front external hose

  • I asked the kid to flush the toilet a few times while I stood next to the water tank control box - I could hear the pump running when the toilet is refilling water, and I could also feel some vibration on the pipes connecting the water tank to the pump, but I couldn't tell whether the water was coming from the tank or the mains

  • I repeated the test above, but this time I stood right next to the water meter at the front of the house - the meter starts running whenever the toilet was refilling water, this can't be right! I though it should be refilling from the water tank?

Based on above I have this bad feeling that, may be since the water tank was installed in February 2008, hand-over in April, and we moved in around late May 2008, the whole water tank system has never worked??!! Not an expert on this, but also have feeling that this might also explains those green algae thing if the water was left untouched for a few months in the tank... We will definitely ask the builder to come and have a look.

As a final proof/test, I decided to try something else. As shown below, there's garden hose at the front of the house, next to the garage, clearly marked with "rain water" sign. This time, instead of flushing the toilet, I am going to use this hose to test the water meter.

After making sure no one in the house is using water, I took this short video. You can clearly see the water meter starts running whenever the hose is on. Just look at the little red arrow at the left hand side.

Please note that I have tried also turning on/off the power switch on the water tank pump and that doesn't make any difference. When it's off, it just gets water directly from the mains and when it's on, as mentioned above, I could hear the pump working, but couldn't prove whether it gets the water from the tank or the mains. And looking at the water meter is the only way I can think of to prove that it's using the water from the mains!

Need some opinions from everyone. Do you think my test plus the full tank of water (after a few non-raining days) are sufficient to prove that our water tank system is not functioning? Or can you think of anything else I can test?

Will keep everyone posted if I hear anything from the builder...

Thursday, 6 November 2008

[Progress.141] Water Tank Filter Bag needs cleaning

We received email from builder as below about the overflowing water for our water tank:

"This is due to the filter bag with in the tank being built up with silt and other debris. It requires frequent cleaning. I have recommended to some clients to remove filter altogether because of this problem. However this is entirely your decision.

Alternatively, you can contact Bluescope Steel regarding other remedies. You will find the number on the tank."

As I got no idea what he is talking about, I asked how to locate this thing. Then received further details from builder:
"Looking at the pictures you sent me..... The large black plastic rings the water flows into. The first one is the leaf strainer (coarse filter) The second one - directly underneath is the filter sock... when you remove this you will understand why it is called a filter sock.

You can view all the rlevant information on Bluescope website. you can obtain this with a simple google search under bluescope water."

Not quite sure what this "filter bag" is, did a quick search and found this on Google from Rain Water Tank Direct web site.

Will try to have a look during the weekend...

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

[Progress.140]Too much rain water for the tank?

We have a quite heavy shower the other day and I was surprised to see lots of water running down the paved area next to the garage. I then noticed the water actually came from the water tank. And as shown below there's so much water that it over flows from the opening on the top!

I was actually not very convinced that this is what supposed to happen. As shown in photo below, the pipe marked with red arrows are supposed to be handling the overflowing water! Does this mean it's blocked, or the volume of incoming water is a lot more than the volume it can handle?

If you look this photo which shows the water coming from the gutter/down pipes above, I am not an expert, but this doesn't look like a lot of water to me.

Any way, I captured a short video as below, hopefully makes the whole thing more clearer to understand for everyone.

Any experts on this, any one? Do you think the pipe was blocked, or not designed/installed properly? Any other suggestions or opinions also welcomed!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

[Others.027] A bloody expensive change!

We bought 3 JetStar tickets for early November back in August. Thinking of having a short holiday before Christmas. But then found in September that the returning date crashed with a training course I suppose to go, so in a hurry I moved the returning date 1 day ahead just for myself, while wife and kid will still return the next day in original flight. As shown below, there was a $30 charge (ex GST $27, inc GST $30) for "change fee", plus the fair difference, total of $70. Ouch, that's a bit expensive, but still acceptable, although not very happy.

Thing gets worse now, as approaching end of October, we found that wife can't go due to work commitment. Alright, let's check again to see how much it would cost to move to early next year. And I almost fell off my chair. What? Extra $60 change fee (ex GST $54, inc GST $60) on top of the fee differences and previous $30 change fee? This is ridiculous! If it goes like this, does it means I have to pay $90 change fee on my third change? Oh, give me a break!

Ok, I calmed down a bit, checked their web site and according to this page, the charge is $30 per person per flight. So I guess during my first change, I only changed my return flight, that's why only $30 change fee. As I am trying to change both flight now, that would be $60, ouch!

Hang on, I have to calculate my wife & kid's ticket as well. So this change will cost extra $60 x 3 = $180 just for the "change fee", then any fair differences as well...

Wow, I think we really need to do some careful calculation first. Worst case scenario, we might cancel the whole thing.... Damn, never know it would be that bloody expensive for a date change for budget air lines tickets!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

[Others.026] Is Homeone.com.au site down?

I was answering some questions around 11:12 pm and suddenly get this error, is Homeone.com.au site down?

I hope it's not been hacked!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

[Others.025] Good Luck Everyone!

It's a bit unusual for a quiet October
My wife had a quick chat with the joinery Jack who did our laundry and bedroom cabinets last week at school. Jack was always very busy every day, he leaves home before the kids wakes up and rarely gets back home before 9 pm, a very hard working guy. Surprisingly, he turned up at the school that day to drop the kids.

According to Jack, in the past few years, it was always extremely busy during October/November as lots of construction/renovation work all tried to get things done before Christmas. But it has been very quiet for everyone recently and he was really worry.

House price to drop further?
I also just finished watching 60 Minutes from Channel 9. They talked about 1 in 6 house owners with mortgage in US are now owing the bank more money then their house actually worth. They also showed some middle class people who used to own properties are now living in their cars as the banks took their houses.

There's also a economist in the show who predicts the property price in Australia could drop another further 40%, a high 10-15% unemployment rate and it could take more than 10 years for the economy to recover...

Man, if we were all so unlucky (or lucky?) to get this once-in-every century recession, may be we should be more "constructive", turn around and try something else with the luck. There's a $20 million Lotto on 1st November, if you can get it, you won't have to worry about all these recession craps any more!

[PropertyInfo.032] Is first homebuyer grant rise really going to help?

Auction Result
There was this house at 55 Dunlop Street, Epping going for Auction last Saturday (11th October) with an indicative price of "over $1.4 million". It was a nice Binet Home house just built in 2002, pretty close to where we are, and therefore we have been paying close attention to it. You would have to be extremely fussy like us, to pick up a few things: only 2.4M height ceiling, no living areas upstairs, and ground floor not leveled - with two 3 steps stairs within the house to enter kitchen and other areas at the back of the house. Other than these, it's a very nice house.

We thought the auction was at 2:30pm, and as we have visited the open house a few times, we got there that day around 2:20pm just to see how it goes. Unfortunately, I made a mistake, the auction was actually scheduled for 2:15pm. Surprisingly when we arrived there, it already finished! We ask a few people how it went and was told, it started at $1.4M, no one bids and it ended straight away. What a shocking result!

As shown below, it's now listed for sale at $1.485 Million. Well, good luck!

Don't be too greedy!
I then saw this news from news.com.au with the title of "House prices up as greedy cash in on first homebuyer grant rise".

The article talks about:
"GREEDY home sellers are taking properties off the market and re-listing them at higher prices in an attempt to cash-in off first home buyers."

"Vendors are already asking to re-list their property and if we tell them it's not an achievable amount, they take their business to a different real estate agent with promises of greatly inflated prices," a real estate agent, who did not want to be named, said.

Well, again, good luck! How can you blame the greedy traders in Wall Street if you are also doing something similar? I guess we are just ordinary people, who doesn't want a few extra ten/twenty thousand dollars for nothing?