Monday, 5 May 2008

[Progress.120] Laundry cabinet installed

We have our laundry cabinet installed the other day. Before, it was like this, an empty space next to the laundry tub.

Our joinery installed the bottom part in end of April.

Then the guy who did our kitchen benchtop installed the granite benchtop early last week.

When viewed from below, you can see the 2 bars sort of helps to support the weight above.

The edges also nicely joined to the wall tiles and sealed. We are quite happy with the quality of the work for both the joinery and benchtop people.


fred@opc said...

The tile work is very high quality. I've worked hard on the rooms I've done to achieve those kind of tight lines.

Allan said...

Hi fred,
The tile work in the laundry is indeed quite good. For some unknown reason, all the wet area tiling for ground floor (powder room & laundry) were in quite nice finishing.
Unfortunately the tileing for 2 bathrooms upstair wasn't that good...