Sunday, 18 May 2008

[Progress.124] Appliances installed

We have the following appliances installed in the past week. The garage door opener was done in about 30 min.

The oven was even faster. These 2 guys moved it into kitchen, connect the wire, slide it into the cabinet, screw in a few nails, did a few tests, done!

The whole process took less than 15 min. With the little clock, we can now easily tell the time as well.

The plumbers have a much tougher job. One guy was working on the cook top. Lots of small parts to be assembled.

This is what it looks like when done.

The other guy was working on the hot water system, this is the unit when everything connected, just look at how many pipes they have to connect.

I thought they just bent a few pipes and the connection to the gas meter can be easily done, but it was a lot more complicated. First, they remove the meter and carefully seal the pipes by melting the little metal stick into the joint of the pipes.

After the pipes done, surprisingly they removed the whole meter and bring out this little equipment.

They put some water in there and connect it to the pipes, they told me it's for leak testing. If there's any leaking, there will be lots of bubbles in the glass cylinder part. The test passed without any problem.

Finally they install the meter and everything is done, they carefully tested both the cook top and the hot water system. Just have to wait the hot water system to finish heating the water.


Anonymous said...

I like the gas test, what happened to the leftover water in the gas pipes? staying there forever

Anonymous said...

what is the distance between your gas cooktop and bottom of your top cupboards?

Allan said...

Hi, Not an expert but I think that water was only in that small test equipment, not in the gas pipe.

And sorry, can't remember the distance between the gas cooktop and bottom of top cupboard. I think we were given a range and we just pick somewhere in between. It mostly depend on how comfortable you are and how tall your family member are??