Sunday, 6 July 2008

[BlogSite.023] Start preparing for City2Surf 2008!

I decided to have my 2nd charity run for City2Surf this year, last year I raised $110.00 for "Youth off the street", details of my last run can be seen here.

My charity this year is "Starlight Children's Foundation", and hopefully I can raise some money for them as well.

There's only about 5 weeks left before the 10/8 run. Although I have been running for 2 weeks, I just setup this little "ticker" from on the left hand side banner, to remind me of my progress. I would like to have at least 30 runs in the next 5 weeks. Which means I will only allow 1 day off per week... That might not sound that cool, don't forget it's winter now in Australia and it's indeed quite cold at night...

Any way, the ticker starts from tomorrow, wish me good luck!

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