Wednesday, 27 August 2008

[Others.023] Lots of sites been hacked??

Not 100% sure about the correctness of this, according to

search in Google with "site:yoursite "script src=http://*/""ngg.js"|"js.js"|"b.js" ", and look for JavaScripts from Russia or other countries, which might indicate the site has been hacked.

I was quite shock to find quite a lot of Australian sites ( & in the list. So be careful when you browse the net!

Results I got around lunch time today, with some of the sites listed below:

about 3,380 from for "script src=http://*/""ngg.js"|"js.js"|"b.js". (0.31 seconds)

about 433 from for "script src=http://*/""ngg.js"|"js.js"|"b.js".

Thursday, 21 August 2008

[City2Surf.004] Better Result plus $215 raised for Starlight Children's Foundation!

I finished my 2nd City2Surf run on 10/8. Compared to last year, I was more focus on the run thus not many photos taken and I got a much better result! My last year's City2Run post is available here.

This was taken while we slowly move forward towards the starting line. This year we all have a timing chip tied to our shoes, and it will only get activated when we cross the starting line. The timing will be a lot more accurate and there's not much rushing like last year! A huge improvement!

Here we go, just crossed the starting line! There's runners everywhere...

The heavy metal band singing on the roof is back, with even louder music...

There's the finish line... Yes, sorry I didn't take any photo during the run. And yes, there's still lots of rubbish near every water station, just like last year.

My medal and bag as souvenir, the cap was from last year actually...

Many thanks to help from friends and colleagues, I raised $215 for Starlight Children's Foundation this year, almost doubled last year's figure!

My result is also much better than last year. 93.23 min is at least 30 min faster, yeah!

[Others.022] Check if your bathroom heater/fan is in the recall list

There's this news from "Product Recalls Australia" web site the other day which talks about the recall of "Mistral, Vogue Design and Plugz Bathroom Heater Exhaust Fan and Light Combinations". The defect is "there is a risk of the lamp holders overheating and creating a risk of fire."

I quickly checked our bathroom heater fans and as shown below, by removing one of the lamps, I can see the small label showing the model number details. Luckily both of mine are not in the list. Make sure you have a look at yours!

Nowadays most of the products are made in plastic to cut cost, remember the previous post I mentioned about problem with the clothesline? If they are still made in proper metal/steel or other stronger materials like the good old days, there wouldn't be so many overheat lamp holders or cracked components incidents...

[Progress.137] Hills Rotary Clothesline

We bought this Hills Rotary Clothesline from Bunning's warehouse the other day and our landscaper Joe helped us to install it. The photo below is from the Hills web site.

We have some problem with the product. This is the manual that comes with the package. The grayish plastic thing next to it is the component that causes all the problems.

That plastic things supposed to be installed in pairs, clicked into each other across the sides of the arms. As shown below, the first one is the one having problem, the rest are ok.

As highlighted in red below, the bottom part of it cracked and therefore can't be installed.
We reported to Bunning's, originally they want us to return the whole thing. This is almost impossible as the whole thing is quite bulky and heavy, plus it has been securely installed into the ground, I am not going to remove everything, and return the whole lot just for a small plastic thing.
After some negotiation, they agreed to take down our details and wait for Hills to send them the parts.

After about a week of waiting, still not response. We followed it up and they decided to pass our details to Hills, a few days later we received this full pack of "Clothsline Spares Kit". We only need one and now we have full set of 8+... Any one need one of these things?
It's great customer service for them to send the kit for free. But it would be even better if it wasn't faulty in the first place, which saves all the hassle... Better QA at the manufacturing line, probably?

Saturday, 9 August 2008

[Progress.136] Landscaping Update - 7

Our landscaper was here to finish the last few pieces of work the other day. He brought these fence and steel frames for the 2 side gates.

This is the steel frames on his truck.

He hammered the steel post into the soil. As I have to rush to work, I don't have further details about the installation process. You might notice we used different patterns for the pavings: the ones at the front has a different coloured border and in diamond pattern, while the ones at the back are in different pattern. We used the gates as a border between the 2 patterns.

When I arrived home after work, it's all completed. This one is at the right hand side.

He also added the last capping on top of the brick wall at the front.

This is the right hand side brick wall. At the back you can see the other gate as well.

City2Surf is tomorrow! Wish me good luck!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

[BlogSite.025] SiteMeter back online again?

Don't know what happened, but looks like after 2 days of down time SiteMeter is back online again.

Luckily my 10,500+ counter still there....

Saturday, 2 August 2008

[BlogSite.024] Something wrong with SiteMeter??

I used Sitemeter to track the number of visitor for my site.
For some reason, since yesterday I am getting problem with their site, causing disruption to my blog.

I have removed the code and my blog is back to normal now.