Wednesday, 3 December 2008

[PropertyInfo.033] More construction work on our street!

The other day I was awaken early in the morning by some machinery noise from the street. Have a look from the windows and found some guys working on the trees for the house across the street. It was a very special day for them, because their DA finally got approved by the council!

I mentioned in this post last November that there were 2 construction applications been lodged to council at roughly the same time, both to be built by Eden Brae.

The one on the other side of the street was approved within a few months, and right now they are already closed to lock-up stage.

The unlucky one right across the road from ours was knocked back a few times due to neighbours complaining about water drainage related issues and finally got approved in mid/end of November - almost 12 months of long battle.

According to an old neighbour who has lived on this street for more than 25 years, that side of the street was much lower than the street, and many years ago there used to be a huge pond at the backyard of those houses. It should be council's responsibility to fix the drainage but as we all know, there's always things that are more important and therefore nothing was done on that even though everyone complaints about it many times. And now when this new owners with no knowledge of the situation purchased the old house and applied for building a new house, both the council and the surrounding neighbours took this excellent opportunity to get the poor fellow to double, triple the size of water tank, do lots of extra things to help with the situation...

Now that it's finally approved, good luck to them and hopefully everything after that would be easier and less trouble...

Hope this helps anyone thinking of purchasing a property to think twice before buying a house/land that's lower than street level. Make sure you do lots of homework before you sign the dotted line!

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