Sunday, 13 June 2010

[Others.050] Cheaper supplier for water tank filter found!

Good to be in beautiful Spring time again!

In the past few months, I didn't do much except:
1. Spent a few weeks in Shanghai, mainly visiting World Expo 2010 with family.
2. Finished my 4th City2Surf 14 km run.

Other than that, basically quite busy with work.

I mentiond in this post around Dec 2009 about paying $75 for 2 water tank filter.

We went to Parklea Market the other day and saw this stand from a company called OnTap Water Filters selling $25 each or 4 for $50.

Yes, the sign says "Today only", but based on the amount of dust on it, I don't think it's new, probably showing "Today only" price everyday...

The stand is right next to the "Information Centre" near one of the gates, you won't miss it.

As below, they also have many other filters on the shelf:

The size for ours is 10 inch. We weren't very sure if the size is correct so we only bought one, later compared with the existing one and the size is exactly the same! Yes!

So, there you go, another tip to save some money for everyone (around Sydney I guess :-P )!

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