Saturday, 21 January 2012

"Weepguard Brick Vent" available in Bunnings

Happy New Year every one!

Saw this "Weepguard Brick Vent" available in Bunning's catalog, this is certainly much better than the Weephole vermin I used. But it's not cheap and not sure if can be done by D-I-Y. It would be also be an extra cost if you want your brick layers to install one of this nicely in every weep hole - so make sure you double check with the builder about the extra cost plus the quantity of this Weepguard you need to order.


B is building a house said...

Hi there :)

Just came across your thread on the HomeOne forum... and am wondering what you ended up doing about the weepholes in the portico/garage? Did you end up tiling the area?

We've got the same issue in our portico... would like to build it up so it's level with the rest of the house ... but because it is set down, the flashing and weepholes will be covered if we were to build up... if that makes sense...


Anonymous said...

We've used Weepguard in our home and they are really easy to install and reasonably priced. You just squeeze the back fins together and slot them straight into the weep holes. if there's any morter or rubbish inside the weep holes you just scrape it out with a screw driver to clear them. Anyone can install them without a problem and they can be installed to existing brickwork at any time.

Admin said...

I agree with Anon .. I don't think you could get much cheaper than just over a $1 a pop!

Thanks for sharing!