Monday, 14 January 2008

[Progress.084] Weephole vermin protection & new issue

I bought this "Weepa Pest Stoppa" from Bunnings the other day and did a few tests last week.

As shown in photo below, it looks a lot larger than the weep hole.

Once pushed the whole thing into the weep hole, it seems to have blocked the whole hole. I start wondering what's the standard for weep hole size, and is ours too small??

Also took a short video of the whole process as below.

Also noticed a new issue, the following photo is the bottom part of the bay windows at the back. The black rubber under the windows seems to be stuck inside and revealed some holes and it doesn't look nice at all.

This is another windows with the rubber thing installed in the way I would expect it to be. Definitely need to record this as a new issue!

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