Tuesday, 31 July 2007

[BlogSite.012] Anonymous comments enabled

Anonymous Comments Enabled
I have turned on the settings to allow anonymous comments. You can now leave comments without logging on to Google.

Testing Google Poll
I was also testing the "poll" thing. Currently with Google Poll you can only add it to the left hand side as page element. I was thinking of adding a poll to the end of each post for user to vote how they feel about the content. Also checked a few sites providing similar feature, but not with easy settings as I expected. May be have to wait a bit longer.

Please let me know if you are aware of any sites providing this feature.

SiteMeter counter
Received a few messages asking about how to add SiteMeter counter to their blogs. It's quite easy, just create an account with www.sitemeter.com (it's free!), get the JavaScript code, and paste it to your blog template.

Give that a try, it's quite interesting watching the counter changes everyday!

I also added Google Analytics, but they don't provide any visible counter.

Email Contact
I have also added my email contact in case any one needs to get in touch with me.

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