Sunday, 1 July 2007

[ColourSelection.001] External Colour Summary, Bricks and Roof Tiles

We finally have some lovely sunshine in the past 2 days after a few weeks of rains.

As our excavation won't start until mid/late July, I will start posting other details about our house.

First, is the external colour summary submitted to council as shown below.

To make it clearer, I will add some details. Starting with the bricks.

The bricks we are using is "POA" from PGH. A few photos shown below:

Also have a few photos of existing houses built with "POA" bricks provided by PGH as shown below.

The roof tiles we are using is "Moral Monarch French Terracotta" in "Slate Grey" colour. The diagram below from Boral Terracotta brochure shows what it looks like. Just change the colour to "Slate Grey", not the orange one as shown below.

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