Monday, 9 July 2007

[Jargon.001] Timber frames and ceiling

If you are like me, who doesn't know much about all the technical terms/jargons used in the construction industry, it can be quite painful understanding what the trades person said or explaining to someone what you tried to do. So I think it would be helpful to start collecting some diagrams/drawings that clearly show what some of the terms actually mean.

Let's start with the followings:
These 2 are from Boral:

This is from click here for the original page


Anonymous said...

just wondering why you didn't use the treated timber (I am told it is supposed to be termite resistant)

Allan said...

Hi David,

That's a good question. We confirmed with council, termite guard company and builder that our suburb is not termite active area, plus we already have the termite guard system installed, so the advice we received is it's not necessary to use the more expensive treated timber (it's in blue greenish colour).

It will certainly provide extra protection in case any termite somehow get into the house. With the warranty provided by the termite guard and annual inspection, we decided to take the expert's advice and use the normal frame.